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* The environmentally friendly PET bottle recycling material use
The U-PET paper is the synthetic paper for the print which used the replay material of 100% of collection PET bottles. It is contributing to the protection of the forest resources, too, because it isn't using timber origin raw materials absolutely.

* The excellent printability
The U-PET paper is different from the conventional PET sheet and the PP (the polypropylene) synthesis paper and has a very excellent printability. It supports a color laser printer and a thermoelectric printer in addition to the offset (UV ink's being unnecessary). The occurrence of the static electricity, too, is very rarely the product which is easy to treat.
* As well as the our company recommendation printer, there is a fear that a right print result isn't gotten.

The characteristic of * PET
Because are made of 100%PET , the U-PET paper has the feature to be strong in water with to tear being difficult. It is the optimal for the sign ones such as the poster for the election which have the fear to be exposed to the weather.

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