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The adhesive label which is convenient for the event and the exhibition

Recently, the case which uses an adhesive label instead of the tag by the exhibition and the event is increasing. It isn't costly, the installation is simple and it is possible to design freely of the maximum attractiveness. It puts on S and in the processing, the done U-PET paper label type (the product name : 60 H of U-PET60·U-PET) is convenient for the back when creating a so needed adhesive label, too. Because it is possible to print with the laser printer, the small number side order can support flexibly.

It is possible to peel off easily if soaking in a lot of water for several minutes.

When creating the original label of the small lot, and so on, the U-PET paper is convenient because it is a laser printer and it is possible to be printed by it. A little addition and correction, too, can be flexibly supported.

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